WebWMS – free wms solution …now in cloud

webmws free wms
webmws free wms

WebWMS free wms solution has, starting from now, a cloud version. This means that you do not need a server to install the WebWMS standard solution. We have the server, we build a platform and you can use for free this platform together with other companies.

If you read this article till the end you will read the following information:

  • How this platform works and what you must do to use the platform;
  • What is the restriction of the WebWMS cloud solution;

How this platform works and what you must do to use the platform

First of all, I want to explain you what is the difference between this cloud free wms platform and the standard version of WebWMS free wms solution. Standard version of WebWMS free wms solution is design to work install on your server. That means the solution can be use by one company at the time.

The cloud solution is design to be used on multiple companies at the same time and share the server resources. This is a very good solution for small companies who do not have IT infrastructures like servers, maintenance etc. All the cost is supported by us.

What you must do to use the platform?

First of all you send me an email to Robert[at]logistic-specialist.com ask for a free account. I will create the account for you and then you are ready to use the solution. Before to create the account, I will ask some company paper to be sure that you represent a real and active company.

The first company that I create for you it is the admin account for your company. This account have unlimited right in the platform.

This solution it is very good for small company, for medium and biggest company the best solution is standard version of WebWMS.

What is the restriction of the WebWMS cloud solution

As I told you this platform is design for small company that way the platform has several restriction:

  • First restriction is the number of users that you can create on the platform. You can create 5 users for free in the platform. If you need more than 5 users, we can update the number of users but you must to pay a monthly fee for each user (the fee will communicate to each company if they need this);
  • Second restriction is on the number of products that you can insert in the platform. This number is limited to 120 products for each company. If you want to have more products in the platform you must pay a monthly fee for each supplementary product;

Also, you must to use the platform with responsibility to not disturb the platform functionality or other users.

As I told you, the platform is free till you reach the limits and them you must pay. Also, you can read on the blog how the platform can be used or you can pay us a training and support fee to help you to start quickly. It is not mandatory to pay us. We have a lot of information about how each module of the WebWMS free wms solution works, but for this you must allocate time to read of the information.

Final information

On the cloud platform WebWMS do not have all the module like standard version. It missing POD (proof of delivery module) and order optimization module (module witch help you to optimize the stock). Those 2 modules will be added in the future also for free in the cloud platform.

For those client’s which want to migrate for this cloud platform to the inhouse standard solution this operation will be made very simple because both solutions are design to support this.

Also, with small modification WebWMS (based on the cloud version) WebWMS free wms solution will become a powerful 3PL WMS solution. Cloud solution is design to transform very easily into a 3PL solution.

We can connect WebWMS cloud platform with you ERP to be more easy for you.

You can access the solution here: WebWMS free wms cloud solution

Benefit of WebWMS – optimise warehouse space

WebWMS free WMS solution
WebWMS free WMS solution

WebWMS it is a smart WMS solution witch helps you to optimize warehouse space. As you already know till last articles that I wrote on this blog WebWMS it is a customer’s centric solution and also it is a ROI maximize solution.

Stay in contact with us and we will start to teach you how is better to calculate a WMS ROI, but first you must see what is all the benefits of a WMS solution, then you will have understood how ROI is better to be calculated.

Without WMS solution you will organize you warehouse some way to find easy the products when you search for it. This means that you will adopt one of static warehouse arrangement and groping products by category or by suppliers.

You think that your warehouse optimise space system works without WMS?

When someone try to find a products it has some basic info of the products: name, supplier (no all the time), category of the products, code etc. if person who wants to find products hs this info he/she must follow this info to find the right product.

Based on that (again without WMS solution) you must organize warehouse by are and in each area to place products for same category or same supplier. In this case people know where t go first.

Then, inside the category are or supplier area you will arrange the products in alphabetical order of products or alphabetical order of supplier name. in this case after person goes to the right area (suppliers or category) he know witch is the next step: goes to the letter of the product letter of the supplier.

It is a very efficient and simple to follow system, but it has a huge disadvantage: you will have a lot of wasting space into the warehouse and you cannot have tools to optimise warehouse space . Why? Because you have a optimum stock for each product into his physical location, but you must let empty space near each product to put their the maximum quantity of that products, but you have maximum quantity on the stock only for  few time (when the truck comes into warehouse and you unload the product store it and then start to sell it, so you have maximum stock immediately after unload the truck then you will have empty space).  For each product you must to have empty space, and cumulated for all products all this empty space you will not be use it for other activities.

On the other hand when the optimum stock become higher than maximum available space you must put those products in other physical location and this will give you more non optimise warehouse space. This means that will be difficult for people to find products because of the complication of the systems (systems become more complicate as you have more products store in more than one location).

How WMS helps you to have optimise warehouse space?

If you implement WebWMS solution you will solve all this problem because WebWMS use a dynamic cell allocation system and this systems helps you to optimise warehouse space. This dynamic cell allocation system means that you can put any products in any physical empty location that you have into the warehouse and WebWMS knows where you put every product. When you try to find the location WebWMS shows you all the location where the products are and send you to the optimal location (based on a simple algorithm) to pick the products. In this all the time you goes to right products. Also you can use a lot of tools and algorythm to optimise warehouse space (like ABC or ABC XYZ)

In the first scenario people must know very well the products and the location so you must take care that old people do not leave the company, this means higher salary package and benefits for this people. In the second scenario people do not know anything they must follow the software instruction, this means if some people leave the company it in more easy to be replaced than in the first scenario.  The second scenario has the disadvantages that if the solution crush you will not find the products anymore, that way we recommend to not have the WMS solution like a module of ERP solution (read here to understand why).

Multilingual face of WebWMS

multilingual webwms
multilingual webwms

WebWMS it is a multilingual WMS software solution, but it is not like other solution. I will explain you why WebWMS is different and why WebWMS will helps you in your daily operations.

Sometimes people who works in the warehouse do not know foreign languages and sometimes they know only their native language. It the economic boom period you will not find qualified personnel for your warehouse and sometimes you will take people from the international market. If you want to find people who speak your language, but it is not an easy task to find this people. To hire people which do not know your language can be a risk, because it is very difficult to understand with them and to understand them. In q warehouse they must to execute the order and they must have a basic understanding of a language, they will work into a WMS solution or ERP and if they do not understand the language it is very difficult (most of software solution it is in your native language and you cannot change it).

WebWMS change the rules of the games because we think the solution to accept many languages. It Is very easy to add a new language into the WebWMS solution, because we have a language file and if we translate this file and we upload into the database we have a new language ready to be used. WebWMS let each user to choose their own language if the language it is upload into the solution, so each man can work into the solution using the language they like. For example: if in your warehouse you have Romanian workers, Bulgarian workers, Chinese workers, polish worker each of this picker can use WebMWS in their native language and this can be easy set-up into the WebWMS when you create the user you can choose the language and when the user log in the solution will be in his language. In this way it will be very easy for them to work into the WebWMS and for you will be very easy to find people for warehouse and train them very quickly. In a global world and in a EU where people goes to other country to work WebWMS it is the right tool for you.

WMS critical solution

WMS solution it is critical solution for a company. This means that you cannot work if the WMS solution do not work. It is not the same thing with ERP solution, because you can work without ERP solution for a period of time. You will work slow and inefficient without ERP solution, but you will work and the company continues to deliver the service and products to the clients.

In case of WMS the company cannot work without MWS solution and it will block after first day. This happens because people who work into the warehouse do not know where the products are and they cannot pick the products so, in this case, you will not be able to deliver the goods and in this case your company will be blocked. If the situation continues you company start to have big, big problems.

Why I am told you this?

Because I want to made you think what is happens if your WMS solution is a module of a ERP solution and ERP solution stop working. I do not want to analyze here the reason why ERP solution stop working, but you know that it is a possible shit which can happens. In this case, because your people from warehouse cannot pick products all your business will stop and the big problems start to begin.

If WMS solution it is a separate software solution from ERP solution if the ERP solution crash the WMS solution will work and your business will not be blocked. If WMS solution is a separate software solution and WMS crash and stop working you have the data into the ERP (location of the products, it is recommended that you have this information into ERP solution and updated daily) and you can use this data to work. You will work slow and inefficient but your company it is not block and suspend all delivery.

For my point of view, it is very important to dissipate the risk between these 2 solutions to minimize the impact of a major problems of one of the software systems. Also, it is recommended to have 2 servers to run this solution and use each server as primary for one solution and backup for other solution, also if you choose to put you Software in cloud it is recommended to have 2 different cloud suppliers. In the cloud the risk to have problems with the server because of an attack is more significant that if you have your own server which is limited expose to the internet (in case of WMS maybe you don’t need to expose to internet).

So, the decision is your but a wise advice is to not put all eggs into the same basket.

Try WebWMS for free here: WebMWS – free software solution

Benefits of a WMS solution

benefits of a wms solution
benefits of a wms solution

I would share with you, in a series of article, here on WebWMS website what are the benefits of a WMS solution and how you can quantify financially this benefit. Finally, I want to give you the information to be able to calculate a ROI of a WMS solution and can compare different WMS solution on the market.

Some of the benefits of a WMS solution can be quantified easily some of them are not very easy to be quantified, but I will give you some hint how to approximate the financial benefits of this.

A WMS solution have benefits for all company departments not only for logistics department and some of the benefits are transfer to the clients and to the business revenue and business growth.

First of this benefit is the service level. A parameter like this is not define in the company it uses in informal taking, but not all the company define and quantify this parameter. I advise you to define this parameter and also quantify him. Even if you do not have all the data basic quantification is better that zero quantification of this parameter.

The service level can be defined like this: how good is you company in offering service associate with products sales to your customers. Service level quantify more activities and logistics is a important part of this.

Let’s see how a WMS solution can improve you service level.

Fist I start with the order for the products. If you receive an order this order must be validated before to be executed. This validation has 2 stages: first stage is a commercial one and, in this stage, you will validate the client creditworthiness and the second stage is to validate the existing stock for each order product. Validate stock for products is a very difficult job if you do not have WMS solution. Even if you have an ERP solution this task cannot be perform well, because all the time will exist difference between the ERP stock and the real stock witch you have into the warehouse.

This difference between ERP stock and real stock can create frustrating situation when the order will be executing because you confirm the order quantity of the products based on the information that you have in the ERP and when the picker goes to the selves to pick the products he saw that it is not enough quantities to fulfill the client order. In this case you will unable to deliver clients order or you postpone the order till you have the right quantity to fulfill the order. In any cases this situation creates frustration to your clients.

Stock difference between ERP and real stock makes you to lose sale because the sales man d not have correct stock information and he take the order based on the wrong information. If the sales man has the right information and a client order a product which has no stock, and sales man knows this information on real time he can suggest replacement product for that product who do not have stock.

Why is difference between ERP stock and real stock? Most of the time this situation appears because on processing document delay and also because of picking mistakes. If you have a WMS solution the document will process in the same time with the products and the picking mistakes are reduces almost to zero.

As you see the WMS solution can increase your sales and also increase the service level to your client. I will continue in the next articles with other WMS benefits.

Complex products in WebWMS

Complex products in WebWMS it is another smart feature that I implement in WMS solution. Complex products mean a product which is compose by other stock products based on a recipe.  For example: you have wine and water in your portfolio and you want to create a promotion 1 bottle of wine with 2 bottles of water. This is a complex product in WebWMS and you crate based on the receipt. WebWMS allows you to create as many complex products as you need.

Why complex products it is a smart feature and how it works?

In WebWMS once you create a complex product this product is treat like a new product with all normal product characteristics or you can split each complex product in his component product. When you receive a selling order and you transform this selling order into picking order WebWMS allows you to choose if you pick complex product as a product or you can split complex products into his component products and the picker receive the order as you decide.

More than that when you create picking order in WebMWS and you choose to split complex products into component products WebWMS check if you have enough quantity in stock for each component products (based on the recipe) and lets you to create order only if you have enough stock (it is a algorithm that calculates this taking in consideration stock quantity and reserved quantity for each products). If you do not have enough available quantity in stock for one of the component products WebWMS tell you this and you have the possibility to correct this to allows you to create the picking order.

This feature it is very useful for FMCG company or manufacturing company. This feature allows you to keep the same record into the WebWMS solution and also in the ERP solution because all the information it can be transmitted bi-direction between WebWMS and ERP solution.

I had many other smart features implements in WebWMS and I will describe this in the future posts.

Price comparation between WebWMS and other WMS solution

In this article I want to present you a price comparison between WebWMS and other WMS solution. I will compare all the price between the solution for you because I want to have a clear view of all operation and cost involved into this process. I help companies to implement more WMS solution in the past and I realize that some of the clients do not know all the steps and all the points where is necessary to focus in this implementation process.

I hope after you read this articles to have a clear vies of the operations and the costs associate with every operations and with all process. We made the calculation for a medium warehouse with 10 people and all the costs are in USD.

Also, this article it is useful because it shows you where is the point where it is necessary to negotiate and have more attention than normal because it is a “delicate” situation in that points.

Steps WebWMS Other WMS solution Total cost WebWMS Total cost other  WMS solution Remarcs
License WMS 0 Between 1500 si 2800 USB /user 0 15000-28000
Implementation 6000 12000 – 28000 6000 12000 – 28000
Server 1200 1200 – 2800 1200 1200 – 2800
Server License 0 600 – 1200 0 600 – 1200 WebWMS works on Linux
Database license 0 600 – 1200 0 600-1200
Scan equipment 800 USD/user 800-2300 USD/uzer 8000 8000-23000 for 10 users
Bar code printer 2300 2300 2300 2300 average 2 bar code printer
Communication cost 7-20USD/month/user (if you choose GSM data transfer if you choose wireless the cost is the same) 4800-7200 70-200 USD/month 4800-7200 WebWMS work in any condition it is not require expensive access points or other network infrastructure. This is happens because WebWMS is a web solution and it can use GSM data to work without any special requirements (3G network is enough to work fine)
App for mobile 0 0-6000 0 0-6000 This costs depends on the terminal, old terminal use Windows as a operating system and requires license for each terminal. New terminal use android, and for windows WMS based solution it is necessary to develop an app to use android terminal, Android terminal is cheaper, more reliable and most important thing is that people will accept more easy because they already use a Android mobile phone.
Cost for migrate to other future mobile platform 0 0-6000 0 0-6000 WebWMS can work with any platform and any device as time as the device can have a modern web browser
Request for change costs (RFC) 0-8000 (we limit this amount by contract) 12000-36000 0-8000 10000-30000 We limit this cost because we want that you have the warranty of final cost of the project. Other competitors can’t limit this.
Accommodation and transport for consultants 0-2400 0-10000 0-2400 0-10000
Implementation time 20-40 days 90-180 days
Total 17500-7000 * 53900-145500
Yaerly maintenance costs 0-2000 4500-12000


  • We must take in consideration also the communication montly costs

What is more important than the money, for my point of view it is the implementation process and this step can made the difference between a success project or unsuccessful project. For us WMS solution it is a tool to help company to optimize their warehouse operations, this is one of the reason that we offer free this solution, because we are logistic consultants not software reseller. We use WMS like an optimization tools.

For sure the price it is an advantage of WebWMS but another advantage is that you can test the solution before you buy it so you will know from the beginning what you buy and if the solution fits your expectation or not. You can do real life test of the WebWMS any time that you want because full standard solution is here: http://logistic-specialist.ro/webwms .

If you have more questions or if you want a test please cotact me at Robert [at] freewms.eu .

Multi-order picking in WebWMS

multi-order picking
multi-order picking

We implement in WebWMS smart feature (multi-order picking) which help you to optimize your business and reduce picking time and also the cost of operation. One of the feature that we implement in WebWMS is multi order picking.

What means that and how it works?

Practical situation reveals 3 ways to do picking:

  • One order picking. This is the normal picking situation: a picker takes an order and go to pick each products of that order. He goes to each location take the quantity of that products and then goes to second location and so on till finish the order. At the end he will have one box (or pallet) with all the products that it is in that order. WebWMS support this feature
  • Consolidate picking. This means that 2 or multiple orders is consolidating in one single “order” and the same product from different order will be cumulated into new order (in practical situation multiple order is cumulated for a route for example). That means that the picker has a single order and picked the same product cumulated. At the end he will have a box (or a pallet) with all the products. The driver loads this order and when he goes to clients he split, in the car each client’s order for the consolidated order. Also, WebWMS support this features like any other solutions. This picking method saves time on picking but increase delivery time because the driver must select products for each order in the car before delivery.
  • Multi-order picking. For my point of view this is the most efficient way of picking. 2 ore more multiple order are associate into a multi-order picking. For example, 2 orders it is associate into a multi-order. Picker goes with 2 separate boxes (or pallets), each for each order and goes to a location WMS solution tell him how many products to pick for each order and in witch box to put that product (each box is associated with an order of the beginning of the picking process). In this way you can pick multiple orders in the same time, save a lot of time and money. WebWMS support this advance feature and you can pick 2 more orders in the same time (it is not limited the number of order that you can associate in to the multi-order). Not many WMS solution from the market have this complex and advance feature and if they have implement this feature this costs a lot of money and in contrast this feature you can have it from free in WebWMS, because WebWMS is free software solution.

We implement many features that helps you to optimize your business and warehouse operations and I will describe each of this feature in the future posts. Because of this kind of feature, I consider WebWMS one the smartest solution in the market and combine this with low implementation price it makes WebWMS the best solution for your business.

Because of the way that we think WebWMS it is very easy to integrate WebWMS with pick by light or pick by voice solution and add more functionality to the solution.

We implement all this feature because we are business consultants and we help our clients to optimize their logistic business and we put in this WMS solution all my experience in consulting. That’s way WebWMS is different from other solution and that way we can provide you more value than other competitors.

Zero quantity in picking cell

A smart WMS solution it is a solution who solve the problem and not create more problems to the customer. We believe that WeBWMS it is a smart and problem-solving solution because we build this solution knowing from the beginning the problems in the warehouse and we already have the solution to solve this problem before to build the solution.

As you already know the picking process consuming a lot of time and resources in the warehouse. All the time that you lose in the picking process you will compensate with more people involve into the process and this means more money in annual salary budget.

I will give you example to understand how WebWMS solve problems. Lets’ say that a picker take an order and the system send his to a specific cell where he picked the products. When picker goes there he saw that the products are not there and it is a mistake (why is happening something like this, even if you have WMS, I will explain you in another post). Some WMS solution has a “skip” button and if the picker hit the button the system will suggest another cell, other WMS solution block the picking process, the picker must go to the supervisor and supervisor solve the problem. None of this solution is smart. First solution will solve problem punctual and will send more picker to that location because in many cases the WMS solution do not “mark” that cell having problems, this means that other pickers goes to that cell and hit skip button. In this case the supervisor does not know that it is a problem and the problem do not solve. The second scenario that I told you it is worse than the first because stop the picking process, stop the supervisor and create a lot of “dead time” and a lot of frustration.

How WebWMS solve this situation?

When pickers go to the cell and he saw that the products it is not there he will put zero on picking quantity and the system send him to another cell where the product has stock. In parallel WebWMS “mark” that cell and will not send another picker to that cell. Supervisor see all of this cells in a report and correct the situation when consider that it is ok or according with the company procedure. That cell was not including in the picking system till the problem is not solve. Sure, that exist another WMS solution in the market that solve this problem smart but you will pay for those solution 5-10 times more than WebWMS (WebWMS software solution is free but you will pay for implementation service and this payment is contractual limited to 14.000 USD).

I will give you another example to understand why is better to work with us. Before to build WebWMS I was logistic business consultant and, when I work with one of my clients I saw that they have a worst floor into the warehouse. To understood the situation the floor was holes in it and the concrete is damage in many, many places. I ask the manager why they do not repair the floor and he told me that it is much cheaper to change the wheels of manual forklift than to repair the floor. That was a correct pint of view…but when I told him that they lose a lot of time on picking process because the workers has a lower speed with manual forklift on that floor than a normal floor and when I measure and show him the result and the money that they lose because of worst floor reduce the speed the manager said to me that next week they start to repair the floor.

Why is important this for you? Because if you work with us we will told you all the situation like this and we saw this because we have consultancy experience and we know to put this problems in financial results, if you work with other WMS supplier because they do not have experience in consultancy maybe they will not see this and even if they saw this they will not be able to give you all the info to understood why is good to take the decision.

Contact me and I will made you an offer to save money on your logistics and supply chain operations.

Few consideration about WMS implementation payment

webwms free wms
webwms free wms

WebWMS software solution it is a free solution, this means that you will not pay for license and you are free to use complete features of the solution without restriction. Also, if you decide to implement WebWMS it is not mandatory to pay any maintenance annual fee, but you will have 1-year guarantee for any bug or software problems.

On the software implementation process you have some steps to perform to fulfill the process. I want, in the following section, to present this steps with cost if you decide to implement WebWMS, free WMS solution in your organization:

  1. Map you process. This is a very important step because if you do this step correctly you can have a good evaluation of the implementation process costs. Also, on this step you can optimize you process and save a lot of money and time in implementation and also in operations. This step can be made with your internal team (if you have known how in your organization), or you can do it with external resources (we can help you in this step because we have a big experience in consultancy and process optimization). We recommend for this step to use external resources. This step it is not for free if you choose external consultant company, but in this step, you will achieve improvement in your operations and you will save more money that you pay, our ROI in this kind of projects it is between 300% and 2000%. Contact us for more details and offer.
  2. Create needs list for software solution. This is important step and it is the result of the first step. This is a document which detailed the process and the needs that you want to be solved by the software solution. Based on this document you will choose the software solution which is fits on your demands. You must balance your demands and what software solution can solve and if this match is around 75-80% fulfilled you can choose that software solution. You must know that any solution cannot fulfill your demand 100% and it is necessary to modify the software solution to increase the fulfill from 75-70% to 95-98%. If this percentage is lower than 75% the cost of modification it will increase significant. This is the main reason that the first evaluation of the project and final payment it is not fit, and if the solution and the process is significant different the final budget of all implementation project can increase with 150-300%. Also, this means time of the project increase, frustration of the team increases etc.
  3. Implementation of the software solution. This is the main process and this process have multiple sub-process like: software installation, import data into software (also it is important to clear the data), made software adjustments, develop new feature or modify feature if it is necessary, tests, connect with ERP or other business solution and go live. This step, if you decide to implement WebWMS free WMS solution, will costs between 6.000 and 14.000 USD. Because many of the software providers will give you an estimate price and the top limit is free, in this case you have no warranty of the final budget of the process we decide to limit the maximum amount that you will pay for implementation. So, if you choose Web WMS in any circumstances you will not pay more than 14.000 USD and we assume this in the contact.
  4. Maintenance and post implementation service. If you choose WebWMS we do not charge for this this is not a mandatory service, but we advise you to buy a maintenance program for first year. This program will cost maximum 2.000 USD. If you do not buy this service it is not a problem you will have maintenance and support from our team, but you will pay more money and you have lower priority for solving problems. For example If you buy a maintenance service for maximum 2 000 USD (the cost it will be different for different client and it is proportional with operational complication) you will have 50 hour of development and support included (this means 40 USD per hour), if you do not buy the maintenance program you will pay 60USD per hour and you have lower priority than client who pay maintenance program.

When you implement software solution you will pay also for this:

  • Server for the software solution. In this case if you choose WeWMS the cost will be significant low than other competitors (I will write a comparison post between WebWMS and other solution in the market). Why is happens that? Because WebWMS use a web technology this means Apache server and Linus OS witch if free for use for any company. For other Windows based solution, you must pay server license every year.
  • Equipment for scanning. If you use other solution than WebWMS you must pay more for equipment and software. WebWMS use a web browser and any android device for scanning. A professional scanner for WebWMS it cost 800 USD, if you use Windows based solution the scanner costs between 1.200USd and 2.500USD. You can use android scanner also for windows-based solution but you must develop an android application for this (this will cost also).
  • Equipment for printing. Any solution you will choose the cost will be at the same level.
  • Consultant transport, accommodation, daily fee etc. We help you also with these costs because we develop WebWMS having in mind to reduce implementation time and we succeed this because WebWMS in can be implement between 10 and 40 days (depend on operational complexity). You will not pay more than 40 implementation days in any case, and we do not charge for communication costs and we limit daily fee for consultant depending on the country. Medium complexity implementation requires only one consultant and in any special cases more than one (2 or 3 consultants), but we will tell you for the beginning of the process for how many consultants you will pay.

I will publish in the next posts a comparation costs between WebWMS and another WMS solution to have a clear picture of what you will pay and how you can choose.